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Urgent security update


Bad news: A major vulnerability has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr. Our team took immediate action to fix the issue, but you should still take some time to change your password, not only here but on any other sites you visit. 

You should also strongly consider enabling two-factor authentication. It’ll go a long way to ensure that no one besides you can access your account. Thanks, and take care.

When To Stop Protecting The Ones We Love


When To Stop Protecting The Ones We Love

It would be great if we could save our partners or friends from their problems, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Our loved ones have issues and struggles in their lives that we try our best to help with, but often they end up taking a toll on us and there is little we can do to help. Here’s when to stop protecting the ones we love:

  • When your own life is suffering. When you start suffering at the expense of trying to help your friend or partner, then it’s time to stop trying to save them. We can’t help it – we love them so much and want so badly to help them that we often find our own lives taking a hit. Our grades might suffer, we might fall behind at work, and our other relationships might become strained. It’s common to throw ourselves into helping out someone we love, but when your own life starts to fall apart because of it, it’s not worth it. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost. You can’t be a good friend or partner if you don’t look out for yourself.

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